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How To Use AI ChatGPT To Create Content (Real Example)

ChatGPT to write articles

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Chat GPT has taken the internet by storm. You can create all types of content but should you be using ChatGPT for SEO?

Learn how you should be using Chat GPT for maximum results.

If you ever wondered how to use AI Chat GPT to create content this video is a great introduction and provides excellent examples of how to do this correctly.

VIDEO: Using AI (ChatGPT) To Write Content

Tips For Getting The Best Results Using ChatGPT

Before you start make sure you have a clear title

Giving your article a title is one of the most important steps you can take to make sure that it gets read.

Make sure the title of your post is clear and specific. A vague title will leave people wondering what you’re talking about, while a specific title will help readers quickly understand what they’ll get out of reading it. For example, “How To Use AI Chat GPT” isn’t very helpful since there are so many ways someone could use AI Chat GPT! Instead, try something like “3 Tips For Using AI Chat GPT.”

Don’t make it too broad or general—for example: “How To Create Content Using AI Chat GPT” probably won’t provide enough value compared with something like “5 Ways People Are Using AI Chat GPT Right Now”.

Create the structure and format of your article.

When you start a new article, it’s easy to get lost and quickly lose your way.

To help prevent this from happening, follow these three steps:

Create the structure and format of your article. Start by writing down all of the ideas you have for your article in a document or spreadsheet. Then organize those thoughts into chunks of information that make sense together.

Use headings to break up the content and create a hierarchy of information so readers can easily understand it if they’re skimming through your text quickly (like how many people do).

Use numbered lists to make your points stand out even more so than using just paragraphs will allow!

As you will see in your video, you can use Chat GPT to create an outline and then use the AI Writing tool to fill in the content into the sections AI generated for you.

Make sure you review and edit content

Review and edit your content before publishing online! Check your content to make sue it’s grammatically correct before publishing it online. You also need to proofread everything when it comes to spelling.

GPT is not capable of understanding context or nuance in the same way that a human can. So it’s important to keep this in mind when using GPT to write content and to carefully review the generated text to ensure that it is appropriate and accurate.

So remember to carefully review and edit the generated content to ensure it’s grammatically and factually correct and meets your standards and goals.


Using AI to write content can help you create more content in less time, improve the consistency and personalization of your content, and scale your content creation efforts. However, it’s important to keep in mind that AI-generated content may still need to be reviewed and edited to ensure that it meets your standards and goals.

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